Author Process Flow Chart

A visual diagram showing the process of Abstract Submission from start to Presentation, including key dates and deadlines.

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Abstract Submission

Yes, abstract submission opened on November 2021 and will close on 19 January 2022, the Technical Programme Committee will meet to set the programme on 16 & 17 February 2022. If it is not possible for you to submit an abstract by January 2022, please submit your abstract when the Euro PM2023 Call for Papers opens in November 2022. To be added to the mailing list to be sent a reminder, email

Abstract Acceptance

The Technical Programme Committee will meet on 16 & 17 February 2022.

We will inform all submitters via email, if you have not received a response by 16 March, please let us know.

Yes, a 6 pages manuscript must be submitted for all presentation types.

The draft manuscript should be submitted by 27 April 2022 for review by your paper reviewer.

The manuscript deadline is exactly that, a time for you to submit your manuscript to the referee for review. If your manuscript isn’t perfectly finished by this date it is not a problem, but you must be able to submit a first draft for your referee to see by 27 April 2022 at the latest.

Please email if you need to discuss your manuscript.

EPMA will publish the manuscripts in the Proceedings which will be available for all World PM2022 Full Delegates. EPMA also has agreements with ProQuest LLC, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, EBSCO and Scopus to enable the wider circulation of papers presented at EPMA conferences post event and to enhance their standing in the academic community. The papers from World PM2022 will subsequently be made available to the subscribers of these products after October 2022.

Writing and Uploading your Manuscript

Draft and final manuscripts must be:

  • An MS Word file only, saved as .doc not .docx or PDF
  • In 10 point Arial
  • In English, with single line spacing
  • The pages set to A4 format
  • With a margin of 2.5 cm at the top, 2.0 cm at the bottom of each page, and 2.5 cm at either side
  • Including the title, the author’s and co-authors’ names, organisation, postal and email addresses inserted at the top of the first page
  • The abstract should be typed in a single paragraph, beginning below the title and authors’ details on the first page and should be no longer than 150 words
  • The main text should begin below the last line of the abstract
  • The whole manuscript must not exceed 8 pages, including figures
  • To avoid production problems, insert figures and tables as separate jpeg or tif images within the MS Word document, i.e. each figure inserted as a separate file and not copied and pasted. This also applies to equations where symbols are used.
  • Figures and tables can be included in black and white or colour (preferred). Captions should be placed below in single spacing
  • Footnotes should use consecutive numbers and placed in brackets, eg (i)
  • Ensure references are numbered in the order in which they appear in the text, at the end of the manuscript, e.g. [1]
  • Commercialism in text and/or figures and tables must be avoided

Save the manuscript with the electronic file name ‘paper number _ author surname’ for example ‘WP22123_Smith’. The paper number refers to the number sent to you in your confirmation of acceptance email in February.

A video with detailed instructions is available in the author login area .

Paper review

After you submit your draft manuscript, your reviewer will receive a notification and they will then look over the document. They will then either mark the manuscript as complete or they will re-upload a new version of the document which includes suggestions for changes. After making changes, you can reupload the document as you did the first time. When both yourself and the reviewer are happy with the quality of your manuscript, they will mark the manuscript as final.

If your draft manuscript is marked as final then your reviewer is happy with the document and you will be unable to edit this further. If you do need to make changes in the future please contact EPMA on

When your reviewer reads your manuscript, they may choose to add suggestions to the document which they will then upload to the abstract management system. In the email, click the link to login in and then you can download the newest version of the document. A video with detailed instructions will be released in due course.

Manuscript Reviewers

A video with detailed instructions is available in the reviewer login area .

Event Registration

Registration is not yet open. Details will be available on this website in due course.


Information for exhibitiors is available in the Exhibition section on the World PM2022 website. For more information please contact us on

Details will be available on the Exhibitor Portal.

Authors – Preparing your Presentations

You will need to provide a Manuscript for review by 27 April 2022.

You will need to prepare a presentation according to the given guidelines, you will also be provided with a slot of time in which you will be able to present your paper.

Extra details will be emailed out shortly regarding preparing your oral presentation.

You will need to provide a Manuscript for review by 27 April 2022.

You will need to display your poster in the poster area from Monday morning until Friday evening.

You should create your poster to be 90cm wide by 90cm deep. It is recommended that you do not print the work on very thick paper or card as this may be too heavy for the tape to attach the poster to the board.

At the Congress, poster boards will be organised in session order, please look for the board with your name and paper reference number on within your session. Posters should be fixed to the boards with strong double-sided tape, which will be provided in the poster area, on Sunday afternoon, or on Monday Morning and must remain in position throughout the event.

It is your opportunity to present your poster during the Poster & Networking time. It is suggested that you can be available during this time to answer any questions relating to your poster(s) from delegates. You might like to display your mobile phone number and email address, to enable interested delegates to make contact during the event; not forgetting Twitter and LinkedIn information if you wish.

In addition, delegates will be able to send you a message through the networking function of the World PM2022 mobile app if they have additional questions or would like to discuss your presentation further. Remember to bring plenty of business cards with you; these can be placed in an envelope underneath your poster.

If you wish to retain your poster, you must remove it after 17:00 on Friday.

Another Question?

If your question is not answered, please email us on